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Our Store!

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Fully Cooked Bacon Ready to Eat or Warm and Serve (80 slices) $74.99

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Bison Chili Fully Cooked Ready to Eat or Warm and Serve (case of 12-12oz servings) $99.99

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Elk Chili Fully Cooked Ready to Eat or Warm and Serve (case of 12-12oz servings) $99.99

Fully Cooked, Fully Hydrated, Ready To Eat, Whole Food Proteins


You never know when today is...the day before. Build Kits for Family, Office, Fire, Police, City Services, Legislative Bodies, Corporate, Judicial, Financial, Schools, Institutions, Organizations, Private Security Contractors, Red Cross Relief, State or Federal Agencies by obtaining Ready To Eat - NASA PAK© exclusive fully cooked fully hydrated low sodium high protein PREMIUM FOODS: shelf stable up to 7, 10, or 15 years.

WARNING: Municipal water is critical for most and is the first to go in any serious attack or financial collapse. You your family and friends are at extreme risk when your food reserves consist solely of freeze dried or dehydrated high sodium low protein foods requiring hydration; you will lose critical muscle mass under emergency duress, without water you and your family will likely perish within sight of a freeze dried or dehydrated only food supply.

NEVER depend solely upon freeze dried or de-hydrated food supplies. If you do, you are NOT READY for something as simple as an extended failed municipal budget, let alone a catastrophic loss of hydration (municipal water services) critical for your body and cooking capabilities. You will not be able to re-hydrate your de-hydrated or freeze dried foods, both of which dehydrate you when consumed without hydration, resulting in death. See U.S. Armed Forces survival hydration manual. Diversify... Get Ready... Add our fully hydrated fully cooked ready to eat or heat NASA PAK© foods today!


NASA PAKS© may vary in external package color/appearance.
Colors: Camouflage. Black. Desert. Grey. White. FDE.

Bottom line, thrive don't merely survive" "GET READY" by obtaining the "Finest Emergency Meats Available." Fully Cooked, Fully Hydrated Gourmet Foods
High Protein, Low Sodium, up to 7 and 10 year shelf life. Requires no refrigreation. "Might as Well Have the Best."